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Indulge in an enchanting experience at our studio, tailored exclusively for cherished moments during your maternity photoshoot. Step into a world of grace and beauty, where every detail has been designed to celebrate the radiance of motherhood. Bask in the glow of abundant natural light that dances through high-reaching windows, creating a serene and ethereal ambiance. Our studio boasts a stunning makeup room and dressing area, where you can prepare for your session while feeling pampered and at ease.

The heart of our studio is a spacious 90 square meter open area, a canvas for capturing the exquisite essence of your pregnancy journey. Every corner is thoughtfully curated to ensure your comfort and convenience, from well-appointed bathrooms to a private office space

After your photoshoot, unwind in a tranquil haven, complete with a soothing relaxation area and a cafe station for your enjoyment. Your privacy is paramount, and our independent entrance ensures a sense of intimacy throughout your experience.

Ascend the graceful glass stairs to an oasis of tranquility, where the focus remains solely on you and your glowing anticipation. This 120-square-meter sanctuary is dedicated to commemorating the extraordinary chapter of maternity with elegance and sensitivity.

Entrust us with the privilege of capturing your maternal radiance in a space where aesthetics harmonize with emotion. Your journey deserves nothing less than the exceptional environment we've created for you.

Donatella Nicolini Studio is conveniently located in the city of Milan, a few minutes away from the glamourous area of City Life.

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