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Maternity Photoshoot with Donatella Nicolini

Dedicated to offering an extraordinary and luxurious experience, Donatella Nicolini Studio specializes in creating exceptional maternity photographs within our exquisite studios based in London and Milano.


Our mission is to provide you with not just photos, but treasured memories that radiate the essence of exclusivity and elegance.


From coordinating logistics to addressing any queries you may have, we are committed to making this process smooth and enjoyable for you.

We understand that this phase of your life is precious, and we are dedicated to making it even more exceptional with our meticulous service and breathtaking photographs.

Key highlights of our service:

- Studio Elegance: Our sophisticated Milan studio serves as the canvas for creating timeless maternity portraits. Every detail, from lighting to ambiance, is meticulously designed to reflect the luxurious experience we offer.

- Personalized Attention: Our commitment to exclusivity enables us to focus solely on you, ensuring that every frame captures your unique style and essence.

- Worldwide Reach: While we are based in Milan, we also offer the option of flying to locations around the world to create your dream maternity photoshoot, further enhancing the exclusivity of your experience.

- Professional Excellence: Our team of skilled photographers, stylists, and artists work harmoniously to craft photographs that resonate with luxury and artistic finesse.

- Tailored Perfection: We collaborate closely with you to customize every aspect of the photoshoot, from styling to creative direction, ensuring your vision is fully realized.


When is the best time to do the Maternity Photoshoot?

The best time is between weeks 27 and 34.

When should I book my photoshoot experience?

We suggest you book at least 3 months in advance, as we only accept a limited amount of clients per month.


Where do the photoshoots take place?

 If you have chosen our Milan or London studio, we will finalize the date and time of your session. If you prefer an on-location photoshoot, we will work closely with you to determine the perfect setting for your luxury experience.

Is professional hair and makeup artistry included in the photoshoot?

Yes, professional hair and makeup is always included in all our photoshoots

Are clothes and accessories provided by the studio?

Yes, we provide a wide selection of beautiful maternity and non-maternity dresses, gorgeous silk drapings, and cute outfits for your baby as well. Our dressing room is fully equipped with clothes and accessories for your photoshoot and everything is included in the session fee.

Our team of experts will assist you in selecting the ideal wardrobe and accessories to complement your personal style and enhance the overall aesthetics of your photographs

Pre-shooting consultation

We will arrange a consultation a few weeks before the photoshoot, to delve deeper into your preferences, style, and ideas. This will ensure that we tailor every aspect of the photoshoot to your unique vision.

Should you have any questions, thoughts, or specific ideas you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at  Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are dedicated to creating a photoshoot that surpasses your expectations.

Is it possible to create a few portraits with my partner?

Absolutely yes, you are welcome to bring any special person to the photoshoot. We will discuss details together during the pre-shooting consultation. Couple portraits, as well as family portraits, are included.

How long does the photo shoot last?

We suggest you take the entire day for the experience - however, usually, a photoshoot lasts between 4 to 8 hours, depending on how many looks and sets we decide to create and how many people are involved and photographed. This time includes hair and makeup. 


We offer a wide choice of professional prints, such as framed wall art, canvases, albums, boxes... the possibilities are endless!



Every experience is tailored to your dreams and wishes, get in touch with the Studio at to receive more information and find out what we can do for you

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