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How to Grow Your Maternity Photography Business NOW and Create a High End Experience

for your Clients

+ Live Q&A

Donatella Nicolini Studio Live Mastercla

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I love how much information Donatella gives you. She doesn't hold back at giving you her honest opinion which is so so highly appreciated. So many other mentors give you general/broad answers and she just completely divulges every last detail. As Donatella gives you a response and more questions are popping up in your head, she is already answering them before you get the chance to ask. Everything was just so insightful. This class is going to save you so much time and effort in struggling and trying to figure it out. When you compare the time/effort/money doing it on your own/other programs vs Donatella's course, it's a no-brainer to choose Donatella. You are going to save so much money, time, effort and have more information in the end than if you went another route. I am so happy I booked your 3 courses because out of each one I came out with huge revelations.

-Rosie Gonzaga, NY

Yulia Selivanova

Donatella did not spare time and effort in sharing the secrets of successfully building a high end photography business. I wish more photographers followed this training.

Valerie Seeber

It was really intense. My head is exploding 🤯 Thank you a lot! 

Elsbeth Hoekstra

SCondividi le recensioni dei tuoi clienti. Fai doppio clic o clicca su modifica testo.

I did a lot of workshops online and you did a great job with interesting information, not too slow, just perfect and a lot of new information. Not stuff you heard over and over again.

Klara Balogh-Bona

SCondividi le recensioni dei tuoi clienti. Fai doppio clic o clicca su modifica testo.

This was superb Donatella! Very grateful you shared your knowledge!

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PACK OF 3 - SAVE 150€





SAVE 150€


€ 500

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€ 200

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€ 200

Studio Fotografico Donatella Nicolini St








€ 250

Ancora 3

2020 changed all our plans...

In 2020 I was going to meet you and so many other photographers all around the world.

The year started off great in January, with lots of plans and travels planned in my calendar. 

I was going to meet you guys in Germany, Poland, France, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Mexico, New York, Boston, Dubai and the list goes on  - I was so excited to meet all these photographers and amazing people! 

Then, all of a sudden, everything changed. 


We were one of the first countries to be locked down and when we got the news in March we realized all the flights, all the conferences, all the workshops were canceled. 

I remember speaking to all the organizers of these events and trying to wrap our minds around this.

In the beginning, we would be optimistic thinking we could just move the events up for a few months or doing it all in 2021 at last. 

Oh boy, how little did we know!

As time went by I became more and more aware of the fact that I was not going to be able to do any of the travels, workshops, or conferences planned anytime soon.

After a few months, I started to receive lots of emails and messages on Instagram, Facebook from photographers asking me when will I come to their country and saying they need me to teach them, possibly online, so they could still learn and uplevel their game in the maternity photography business without having to wait for me to be able to travel safely again, which we clearly don't know when will happen.

I was flooded with messages from people who were going to attend my workshops and events and were so sad to miss it. They would write to me their questions and problems in private asking for help.

All this got me thinking.

I started thinking about how I can help all these fellow photographers, spread around the world.


How can I help you grow, how can I solve your problems, how can I help you take a step towards your goals when I'm not able to fly anywhere for maybe another year?

And so I thought, and I thought and I kept thinking.

I wanted to help the most people I could reach, with the problems they have right here and right now, before we'll actually meet in person.

I wanted to give you the chance to talk directly to me about what you need to fix in your business, what you struggle with the most. 

A recorded video course wouldn't cut it, I knew that.

For more than one reason. First of all I would not be able to be specific and answer your personal questions. 

Second of all, the cost of it would have to be relatively high for both the production costs and value of information. 

And so I kept thinking...

How can I help people right now, make something online that is accessible to all of them or at least most of them, in such difficult times where lots of people are not able to work at the moment and at the same time provide something of great value that would actually help them solve their problems and change their lives?

A few sleepless nights later, I got it.


And not just one appointment, THREE APPOINTMENTS each one with a different topic.

You will be able to join the live meeting, and I mean for real!

You'll have the chance to actually show up on camera, from wherever part of the world you are and ask me your question during the Q&A time. 

How cool would that be?

I will actually see your face (or not, if you want to join just with the microphone because well, I know quarantine can be hard on looks - so no pressure to show up all pretty on camera :D ) talk to me live and let me help you improve your business life, your photography skills and solve your photography or business problems.

Now, I said I wanted to make this as accessible as I can, in order to help as many people as I can!

This is something I've never done before and I'm not sure I'll ever do again. It's a special event for a very special moment in our lives. 

Seats will be limited so that I can answer your questions for real. 

The price is the most accessible you'll ever see from me and it's only 100€ per appointment!

And there's a chance to save up even more by prepaying the pack of 3 appointments if you know you need to improve in all the three different areas we will cover.

That means you can join 3 appointments, each appointment lasts 3 hours (1.5 hours of teaching and 1.5 hours dedicated to answering your questions) for a total of 9 hours of education for only 250€ instead of 300€.

I know, it's crazy, right?

And if you were going to my in-person workshops, think of how cool it would be to come to the actual workshop already more prepared with new and more advanced questions for me after you already practiced after these live masterclass appointments. Amazing!





The first appointment, on December 13th, will be all about MATERNITY PORTRAITURE.

I will share with you my method of work, from pre-production, organization, creative direction, teamwork, to the actual photoshoot, workflow, my go-to lighting set ups for a regular client's shoot, the gear I use and recommend and why, wardrobe and styling and so much more.

The second appointment, on January 10th, will be all about MOTHERHOOD PORTRAITURE.

Things change when you introduce babies in your workflow! I will share how I manage both parents and babies before and during the photoshoot to ensure they get the best experience. How I organize and prepare my set when babies are involved, to make everything more efficient and time-saving. How I get those beautiful smiles and relaxed facial expressions from babies when posing with mom and how I make sure my clients come back for this session after they had the maternity session with me.


And yes, it is possible! No matter where you live. No matter how long you've been doing this. I'll teach you my step by step method to revolutionize your business model and start getting amazing clients that will pay you for what you're actually worth, and do so with a smile!


Every appointment lasts for 3 hours and starts at 6:00 PM CET.

Half of it will be dedicated to the Q&A section.

And now I have another GREAT News for you.



“What if I can't attend the live masterclass, but still want to take this course?”


The event will be recorded! 

You don't have to be present for the live masterclass to get all the benefits from this awesome intensive training. Enroll and watch the replay video at your convenience, Q&A section included. I know your life is busy, and I designed this program to work within your schedule. 

How to take part in this amazing live event?

You can join me by registering here, pick the single date you'd like to attend or buy the pre-paid pack of 3 appointments and get an even better deal!

Now, I want you to prepare your questions and get ready for this incredible event!

"Successful people invest in themselves and their education and that is why they are successful"
Jim Rohn.

See you soon!


Still on the fence? Read our testimonials

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Dear Donatella,


I have attended your live marketing masterclass and I'd like to leave a review:


Your marketing Masterclass has been absolutely above my expectations! It was so detailed, it was brilliantly built up, focused, and all-encompassing, no details left out. I have raved about your masterclass to my photographer friends already. Thank you for your time and talent. Truth be told, this was more than affordable for the amount of knowledge shared. If this was created by an American (knowing from experience) this would have been a minimum of £500. So thank you, this has been brilliant.

Mada Craciun

This masterclass was a real wake up call.

Thank you so much!

Erica L.

Very useful masterclass full of practical solutions and advice. I really appreciated the mental approach Donatella proposed. I think this masterclass was a good chance to take my maternity business to the next level

Chiara M.

SCondividi le recensioni dei tuoi clienti. Fai doppio clic o clicca su modifica testo.

I liked the way Donatella concentrated a lot of important information and content, in a direct and simple way and I like the way Donatella doesn't spare herself and teaches at 360 degrees

Sonja Ruckstuhl

SCondividi le recensioni dei tuoi clienti. Fai doppio clic o clicca su modifica testo.

I just loved the whole Masterclass! Thank you for all of your information and your incredible inspiration!

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Meet the instructor

Donatella Nicolini @donatellanicolinistudio

Donatella Nicolini believes that everyone has the power to change his or her life. She has made it her life’s mission to share that possibility with the world. Donatella’s personal story has inspired people all over the world to believe they too can change their life. From shooting in her small living room to speaking, teaching and shooting on international stages and becoming one of the most expensive maternity photographers in the world, she'll share her step by step method to set up your business for success and upgrade your life.

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